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MyTimes is all about helping you live the life you want. This package includes products and services designed to save you money. Membership is free and you're automatically enrolled if you're over 50.

    For complete details on the MyTimes programs:
  • Call 410-272-4000
  • Come in to any branch

All members of MyTimes receive:

  • Free American Express® Travelers Cheques
  • Free incoming wire transfers
  • Free notary service and Medallion Signature Guarantee ($250,000 bond limit)
  • Exclusive APGFCU 36-month certificate
  • No penalty for one certificate withdrawal per membership, per calendar year, after the first six days of opening the certificate*
  • Free annual membership to AARP

Plus, for our members 65 and over: 

  • Free basic style checks (1 box per year)
  • 12-Month Certificate: Earn a higher dividend rate exclusive to MyTimes Plus members.
  • Our exclusive Travel Loan at a 1% rate discount from our personal loans.

*If funds are withdrawn within the first six days of opening the certificate, the penalty will be at least seven days of simple interest to be paid on the amount withdrawn. Additional withdrawals are subject to a penalty to be paid on the amount withdrawn.

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