2019 Board of Directors Election Preview

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Presenting Your Five Candidates 

Members will vote for four (4) candidates. The top three candidates will each serve a three-year term. The candidate with the fourth highest votes will serve a two-year term. Ballots will be mailed to you in January 2019 with your fourth quarter statement. Voting will begin January 7, 2019. You can vote by electronic device, return your ballot by mail or drop it into a ballot box at any APGFCU branch. The results of the election will be announced at the Annual Meeting on Wednesday, April 10, 2019, at the APG Federal Credit Union Arena in Bel Air, Maryland. Watch for more details about the Annual Meeting on your ballot and in upcoming issues of the member newsletter.

Biographical information supplied by the candidates. APGFCU does not endorse any candidate. The order of the candidates was chosen by lots.

Windsor L. Jones

Windsor L. Jones

Established membership with APGFCU in 1987. Currently serving seventh term as a Board member, with over 20 years of experience. Committees include: Executive, Human Resources, Community Involvement, Credit Appeals, Planning/Budget/ALM/Bankruptcy/Charge-Off/Delinquency, and Technology. Presently employed at APG as a STEM professional. I hold a B.S. degree in Mathematics/M.S. degree in Engineering. “As a volunteer CU member, I will continue representing the fiscal interest of our credit union members and support our local families and community.”

Emanuel C Hatton

Emanuel C. Hatton

I knew I wanted to be a volunteer when, at the age of 13, I was awarded a Red Cross Certificate of Appreciation for helping to distribute food baskets to displaced families in New York City. At APGFCU, I have seen the goodness in the human spirit of volunteerism. I have B.S. and MBA degrees, served as a combat arms soldier and government civilian. Election to the Board of Diretors would be a lifetime accomplishment.

Michael L. Dixon

Michael L. Dixon, LTC (Ret.)

I am honored to continue my volunteer service as a Director, representing the interests of APGFCU members for more than 14 years. I am currently serving as the Secretary to the Board, and have served as Chairman of the Planning/Budget/ALM/Bankruptcy/Charge-Off/Delinquency Committee and on the Community Involvement Committee. I am a West Point graduate and retired Army aviator with a passion for keeping APGFCU strong and helping members build wealth.

Danny DeMarinis

B. Danny DeMarinis

I have broad business and community skills, appropriate for my current APGFCU Associate Director role. I am/was on the key APGFCU Planning/Budget/ALM/Bankruptcy/Charge-Off/Delinquency, Community Involvement, and Supervisory Committees. I serve on numerous economic, workforce, university and civic boards; served 40 years as an Army contractor and established a 90-person office supporting APG. I live/work in Cecil/Harford Counties, have MBA, MSEE, MTM and BSEE degrees. Dedicated to APGFCU, I would be honored to serve as a Director.

Barry Decker

Barry D. Decker, CSM (Ret.)

“Change is hard but essential as our membership ages. We will adapt to change and continue providing the excellent service our members expect.” I am the current Board Chairman with degrees in Management and Business. I have over 31 years of credit union volunteer service in APGFCU as Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and Director. I retired from 30 years of U.S. Army military service and as a 16-year DOD civil service employee at APG.