Limited time remaining to take advantage of this existing member offer:

Move your high interest rate credit card balances to your APGFCU Visa Credit Card and get a 0% promotional APR* for 15 months on qualifying balance transfers* received by April 30, 2019. And, there's no balance transfer fee* during the promotional period. After this date, your standard cash advance APR* will apply.

Please see the Balance Transfer Terms and Conditions for full details.*

Please do not include account numbers. An APGFCU representative will contact you by phone for account number information.

First Balance to Transfer to APGFCU

Additional Balance Transfer to APGFCU

* Terms and Conditions for Balance Transfer

Note: This is not a Visa credit card application. If you DO NOT have an APGFCU Visa, please apply online. Visa credit card subject to approval. Membership eligibility applies.